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SMSSurface-Water Modeling System (SMS) is a comprehensive environment for hydrodynamics, pollutant and sediment transport, and wave modeling. SMS includes 2D finite-element, 2D finite-difference, 3D finite-element and 1D backwater modeling tools. Supported models include the USACE-ERDC supported TABS-MD (GFGEN, RMA2, RMA4, SED2D-WES), ADCIRC, CGWAVE, STWAVE, M2D, HIVEL2D, and HEC-RAS models. Comprehensive interfaces have also been developed for facilitating the use of the FHWA commissioned analysis packages FESWMS and Bri-Stars. SMS also includes a generic model interface that can be used to support models which have not been officially incorporated into the system.

SMS Free Trial: http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads?tab=2#TabbedPanels

GMSGroundwater Modeling System (GMS) is used by thousands of people at U.S. Government agencies, private firms, and international sites in over 90 countries, it has been proven to be an effective and exciting modeling system. GMS provides tools for every phase of a groundwater simulation including site characterization, model development, calibration, post-processing, and visualization. GMS supports both finite-difference and finite-element models in 2D and 3D including MODFLOW 2000, MODPATH, MT3DMS/RT3D, SEAM3D, ART3D, UTCHEM, FEMWATER, PEST, UCODE, MODAEM and SEEP2D. Regardless of your modeling needs, GMS has the tools!

GMS Free Trial: http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads?tab=1#TabbedPanels

WMSWatershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive graphical modeling environment for all phases of watershed hydrology and hydraulics. WMS includes powerful tools to automate modeling processes such as automated basin delineation, geometric parameter calculations, GIS overlay computations (CN, rainfall depth, roughness coefficients, etc.), cross-section extraction from terrain data, and many more! With the release of WMS 7, the software now supports hydrologic modeling with HEC-1 (HEC-HMS), TR-20, TR-55, Rational Method, NFF, MODRAT, and HSPF. Hydraulic models supported include HEC-RAS and CE QUAL W2. 2D integrated hydrology (including channel hydraulics and groundwater interaction) can now be modeled with GSSHA. All of this in a GIS-based data processing framework will make the task of watershed modeling and mapping easier than ever before.

WMS Free Trial: http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads?tab=3#TabbedPanels